Tepelně izolovaný systém skládacích dveří


Zasklení všech typů v elegantním systému. Skládací stěny, okna a dveře jsou k dispozici ve velikostech na míru.
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Univerzální systém skládacích dveří a zasklení bez tepelných mostů hladce klouže díky vysoce kvalitním válečkům.

Skládací dveře jsou vhodné pro šířku do 1,0 m a tloušťku prosklené jednotky až 32 mm. Individuální barva a design zajišťují, že vaše přání budou optimálně splněna; skládací dveře lze skládat doleva nebo doprava nebo na obě strany; stejně je lze otevírat směrem dovnitř nebo ven. První segment lze používat jako dveře, přístupné a uzamykatelné z obou stran. S tímto systémem lze podle potřeby kombinovat okna a pevné zasklení. Stabilní systémy, otevírací okna a dveře lze libovolně kombinovat. Systém Thermo 60 splňuje vaše požadavky jednokřídlými a dvoukřídlými rámovými dveřmi. vnitřní - vnější klika nox. Skládací dveře, dveře a okna a stabilní systémy vyrobené z profilů Thermo 60 nabízejí různé kombinace a četné možnosti designu. Jednoduchého vzhledu systémů skládacích dveří je dosaženo skrytým kováním během montáže.


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Veřejné brožury

Profesionální brožury

Šířka panelu

Max. 1000 mm

Max. 2700 mm

Uf 1,8 W/m².K  

Lze použít tvrzené, vrstvené sklo nebo dvojsklo Solar Low-e tloušťky až 42 mm nebo trojsklo.

- Panely lze otevírat dovnitř nebo ven,

- Lze sklápět doprava nebo doleva nebo sklápět v obou směrech,

- Lze otevírat ze středu na obě strany,

- Prostory pro uložení panelů mohou být na levé i pravé straně, přičemž panely se pohybují na obě strany.

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1. Invite the Daylight Exposure to natural light comes with many benefits, it boosts our mood, energy, and focus. So why not use glass doors instead of conventional doors? Glass doors will bring the sense of the outdoors inside, it will bring more light to your room, sparking more outdoor interest whether it's a sunny, snowy, or rainy day. Ensuite Shower 2. Ensuite Shower Ensuite showers offer intoxicating, cool views, and a feel-good lifestyle with a floor-to-ceiling glass window, removing the boundaries between the indoors and outside. It's a jaunty touch to your interior design. Sliding doors 3. Sliding Doors Maybe you don't have enough space to expand your home outwards with solutions like a conservatory – how about blurring the boundaries then? Sliding doors allow you to erase the boundaries between the interior and exterior. They transform rooms into spacious living spaces and offer an open view of the outside world through their expansive glazing and discrete profiles. Home Decor 4. Embrace the Green Biophilic design has been a buzzword of 2021 and has continued into the beginning of this new year too. Etymologically, the term biophilic comes from Greek and focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional needs of people. Interior designers use human-centered approaches to address our indoor spaces. Creating novel approaches to promote health, safety, and welfare, contemporary interiors are increasingly inspired by biophilia as a holistic approach to design. These rooms and spaces connect us to nature as a proven way to inspire us, boost our productivity, and create greater well-being. Beyond these benefits, by reducing stress and enhancing creativity, we can also expedite healing. In our increasingly urbanised cities, biophilia advocates for a more humanistic approach to design, and nature should be an integral part of our home decor. 5. Decorate with Mirrors: Expand the Space Mirrors have become a familiar part of home décor. A framed mirror is not only a distinctive focal point but also a unique way to create the illusion of space. Mirroring or continuing materials, such as flooring or cladding, both inside and out can create a seamless transition between spaces. 6. Pick Earthy Colours Earthy colour schemes connect your home with the outside and blur the distinction. Earth colours are warm colours that contain brown pigment. Related to these are natural colours, which are inspired by other colours found in nature, such as plants and animals. Earth and natural colours pair together beautifully, creating schemes that feel warm, autumnal, and soothing. And therefore, it will definitely hygge your home. 7. Hanging Plants Houseplants are a great way to brighten your living spaces and bring nature inside, but it can be difficult to find space for pots and large foliage amongst furniture if your home is on the smaller side. The solution? Grow up! By this, we mean think vertically, and use a selection of ingenious hanging pots with trailing plants to make your place a green dream. 8. Sit Under an Open Sky! Expand your living space with a glass roof: an elegant extension that will lend that special touch to your home and bring the outdoors inside. You can enjoy rooms with glass roofs that are flooded with natural daylight and protect against rain, wind and cold. Our system’s flexibility enables bespoke solutions – adapted to your personal requirements. Check it out! 9. Plants on Display The Great outdoors has dozens of lovely plants. So why not display them in your home? Make them a focal point in any room. They may not make spring come any quicker, but they’re guaranteed to cheer you up in the meantime. They’ll also make you feel like you’re outside! 10. What About Creating a Winter Garden? This makes it possible to implement both demanding designs as well as energy-efficient solutions. With its thermal break and foam-filled core, as well as the possibility of using dual colours for a distinctive look both inside and outside, your conservatory dreams will become reality. The possibilities range from minimal insulation for a transitional space from the outside to the inside, all the way through to a fully insulated model for a heated living space. An aesthetically pleasing solution for roofs requires different pitches. By integrating into your winter garden, a heat insulated Sunparadise system, you can enjoy the comfort of your home without being affected by ambient conditions. You can also invite nature inside by opening the panels during fine weather. You will create a spacious environment complete with a range of ventilation solutions, including fly screens, that can discharge any unwanted heat gain created by the glazing.