Non-insulated, cubic glass roof system
Our CUBO flat-roof design impresses with its uncluttered cubical lines and will keep on doing so. Explore the world of contemporary design for your patio.
As Individual As You Are

Built freestanding or attached to your building, the sophisticated and premium design is convincing with its solid workmanship and superior elegance.

Relaxed, contemporary architecture for your patio or garden. CUBO will turn your outdoor living space into a new experience.

So Many Benefits

Roofs can be built to any size.

Adapts perfectly to any space, add-on, or built-in options.

Enhance with integrated LED lighting for extended use.

Broad range of colours for the individual touch.

Combines well with full glass doors, sliding, folding, and stacking doors.


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Professional Brochures

There is no size limitation.

Glazing thickness from 8–31 mm (VSG-TVG recommendation).

Security is provided by the application of tempered glass inside and laminated glass outside.

More comfort with Solar Low-e and reflective lenses.

Shading with inner or outer curtain on request.

Single pitch.

Double pitch gable roof.

Specially designed roof for the building.

Lighting elements can be embedded.

Integration with Sunparadise systems.