Non thermal, fully glazed slide and stack glass wall system
GSS 17 is a slide and stack glass wall system. You can move all panels individually and by folding them 90° into a parking area you can easily use your indoor area as an outdoor space.
GSS 17 is top hung; held in place at the top by wheels and guided inside the bottom profile track.

The glass is secured to the panel profiles from both bottom and top with a special four-point lock system. The elegant glazed surface is achieved without interruption from any panel profiles and the black-anodized profile behind the glazing gives the system a harmonious look.

The roller technology enables smooth and easy operation of the panels and the small plastic guides bring the panels securely into the 90° parking position.

Concealed fixings and frameless glazing create the elegant look of the system and set GSS 17 apart from its competitors.

A simple spring connects the handle directly to the operation mechanics in the panel profile.  It combines comfortable usage with long-lasting durable components.

A 90° rotation unlocks the active opening panel and allows it to operate like a door.



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Max 900 mm

Max 2700 mm

Max 65 kg

8 mm - 10 mm tempered glass

- Up to 8 panels

- 3 mm gap between the panels

- Heights adjustment up to 15 mm

- The 40 mm-high floor profile can be recessed into the floor by up to 22 mm and is therefore accessible for wheelchairs.

- 90° corner solutions