Insulated corner turning, sliding door system with parking area
MONOSLIDE 80 uniquely combines functionality with flexibility. Unlimited opening widths; even around curves and corners – on a single track which is mounted flush to the floor. It has to be seen to be believed!
MONOSLIDE 80 has unique thermal insulation properties; maximum comfort and versatile design options; all paramount considerations.

The panels can be slid around corners at angles of up to 90°, and then gathered and parked in a designated parking area. Rotary or tilting options can be installed in the sliding wall elements. Combinations can also include entrance doors.

Panels are moved along a flush fitting single track or directly from the corners independently. With this system it is possible to achieve any corners between 90° and 270° in your design.

Flush fitting track profiles offer a threshold-free usage enabling complete accessibility for all.

To enjoy the comfort of your living space, each panel is equipped with a sealing gasket. Locking system provides a complete seal by moving the gasket up and down when the panel is closed.  You can stack the panels by sliding them on an eloxal track with high-quality rollers in a designated parking area, behind a wall or inside a cupboard for a real minimalist look; the choice is yours.


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Max 1500 mm
Max 2800 mm
Max 100 kg

Insulating glass can be applied in thicknesses between 24mm-62mm


Uf 1.8 W / m².K (Uw 0.8-1.4 values can be obtained with Solar Low-E glass)

Unlimited number of panels can be add on a single rail

- 90 °- 270 ° corner turnable feature

- Ability to collect panels in one or two parking areas