Highly thermal insulated folding door
The complete system, based on a slender thermally broken aluminium frame with a foam filled core, captivated with high quality finish and guarantees stability and longevity.
By using SUPERTHERM 80 it allows you to gain an additional living area, enjoy the readily available space in summer and save plenty of valuable energy in winter.

You are faced with a wide range of options in the planning phase, which will ensure your desired result. Having great thermal insulation provides a sense of comfort and there are a wide variety of configurations which give you an impressive degree of freedom in the design. In addition, high quality fittings ensure long term functionality.

With the application of SUPERTHERM 80 you can increase your living space; gain instant enjoyment of the extra space in the summer and benefit from energy saving properties in the winter. SUPERTHERM 80 offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance with its hidden fittings and a broad variety of application options.

Insulation on the profiles protects you against the wind. The stable frame construction enables large panels of glass.



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Panel Height

Max 2700 mm

Single or double glazing can be used between 24mm-62mm thickness.

- Single and double opening panels

- Centre opening

- Single panel door

- Double leaf door

- Panels can be opened inwards or outwards

- Can be folded to the left, the right or folded in either direction

- Can be opened from centre to both sides

- Panel storage areas can be on both the left and the right by building the system movable to both sides.