Balcony railings
WD800 is used for glazing in existing balconies irrespective of whether the balcony is set into the building or mounted externally on the facade.
The existing parapet is retained and renovated, or it can be replaced, after which the glazing is installed.

This is an extremely flexible balcony system that can be constructed according to the customer's requirements with regard to architecture and trim. Opening panels can be sliding or folding and can be fixed or opening on one, either, or both sides.

The glass panels can be either single or double glazed. Single glazing offers the flexibility of framed or unframed panels. Where noise reduction is an issue and a more impermeable balcony is required, framed panels are usually the preferred choice. Double glazing is supplied with a slightly more robust frame.



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Usability and Improved Wellbeing

Independent research shows balcony enclosures are used up to 100 more days per year than open balcony.  An additional benefit of increased usability is greater care is taken of the balcony space as it becomes a well-used area for relaxation, hobbies, socialising, working and dining.

Balcony enclosures enjoy 17 db noise reduction properties when closed making it suitable for roadside, rail side, flight path, industrial and densely populated areas.

Balcony enclosures are a secondary façade and create a buffer zone.  Passive solar gain warms the balcony space when the panels are closed; this warm air can also permeate inner rooms resulting in reduced energy bills.  It also provides protection against wind chill and the elements, often a problem on high rise developments.  Conversely, in hot weather, natural ventilation will cool an overheated space and being a buffer zone it keeps the inner rooms cooler. 

A secondary façade to the building means the balcony enclosure protects the main fabric of the building therefore reducing expensive maintenance costs.

The system is lockable from the inside so is a barrier to intrusion, including pigeons.  As such, it creates a safe place for children to play and a secure environment for the elderly or infirm to enjoy their own private outside space.

The benefits of natural daylight, natural ventilation and natural solar gain, not to mention stunning design,  have placed our balcony enclosures at the heart of many Award Winning projects for Sustainability.

The opening panels turn inwards for safe and easy cleaning.  Both sides of the glass are easily accessible from the balcony area.