Thermally insulated folding door system
Glazing of all types in an elegant system. Folding walls, windows and doors are available in bespoke sizes.
The universal, thermally broken folding door and glazing system glides smoothly thanks to the high quality rollers.

The folding door is suitable for widths up to 1.0 m and glazed unit thickness up to 32 mm. Individual color and design ensure the best fulfillment of your wishes; folding doors can be folded left or right or both sides; it can likewise be opened inwards or outwards. The first element is accessible from both sides and can be used as a lockable door. Windows and fixed glasses can be optionally combined with this system.

Stable systems, opening windows and doors can be optionally combined. Thermo 60 system meets your needs with single and double panel doors.

Folding doors, gates and windows and stable systems made of Thermo 60 profiles offer various combinations and numerous design options.

The simple appearance of the folding door systems is achieved with concealed fittings during installation.


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Panel Width

Max 1000 mm

Tempered, laminated or Solar Low-e double glazing up to 42mm thickness or triple glazing can be used

Max 2700 mm

Max 75 kg.

- Panels can be opened inwards or outwards

- Can be folded to the right, the left or folded in either direction

- Can be opened from middle to the both sides

- Panel storage areas can be on both the left and the right with panels moving to both sides.

Uf 1.8 W/m².K