Glazing of all kinds for folding walls, doors and windows. Sophisticated aluminium profile system without a thermal break, made to measure and with a broad range of applications.

The folding wall can be operated inwards or outwards, to the right or left, and from the centre. The primary unit can be designed as a door and equipped with a profile cylinder and handle for opening from the inside or outside. Configurations with turning, bottom hung or tilt-and-turn windows as well as inclined glazing are also possible. All versions have the same construction depth and thus can be connected without an offset.

Uninsulated systems without a thermal break and insulation

  • Uninsulated systems without a thermal break and insulation
  • Different model types such as folding walls, doors, windows and free-standing elements can all be freely combined
  • Open hanging and bottom folding walls are also possible
  • Additional matching profiles for all kinds of connectivity options
  • Inward and outward opening (folding walls, doors)
  • Hinged floor track for flush mounting and dirt trap
  • Solution for running around corners (without posts, can be slid away)
  • All variants can be fitted with different handles
  • Balcony end door features multi-point locking for maximum security
  • Doors with multi-point locking for maximum security
  • Glass thicknesses of up to 27 mm


Range of applications:

Balcony, seating, showroom and summer garden glazing, balcony balustrades, office partitions, windbreaks.


You can find the brochures and flyers on our summer garden systems here. 

Summer garden brochure 1.7 MB