This all-glass slide-and-stack door system transforms your balcony into a cosy, flexible leisure oasis, or it provides your home with additional living space, comfort and an increase in value.

FREESLIDE/FANTASY is a discreet and flexible system. FREESLIDE protects your balcony against wind, rain, dirt and noise from outside and in that way generates a special and attractive balcony environment all the way from spring right through to late autumn. The elements of this high-quality all-glass system can even be led around corners and comfortably stacked in the parking space. The sliding panels are equipped with vertical frame profiles and seals for extra comfort.
Operations such as opening and closing can be performed with ease; with the FREESLIDE the outer glass surfaces can also be cleaned from the inside.

All-glass/uninsulated system without insulation

  • Corners possible in all angles (90-270°)
  • Height-adjustable profile as standard
  • Solution with frame available
  • Gentle movement of the elements
  • Horizontally mounted rollers
  • Low space requirement in the parking space
  • Installation flush to the floor
  • Handles and lock cases available
  • All-glass design with transparent push/gap seals possible


Areas of application
Balcony, patio, showroom and summer garden glazing, office partition walls, windbreak.


You can find the brochures and flyers on our summer garden systems here. 

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